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GARMENT DYING IGP has the capability to run production using , reactive, direct or pigment dye applications.
SEWING Our partners in sewing offers anywhere from sample garments to full production resources from pattern making to CMT and offer FOB prices to the final destination.
PATCH AND REPAIR This area offers any type of patch and repair for the final product.
HARDWARE AND LABELS This area offers capacity to apply trim after wash.
LABELS DESIGN We have a specialized area and qualified personnel in the design of paper labels for each of the styles we produce.
FINAL AUDIT Our auditors are trained to use the quality requirements of each customer and strive to assure that the final product is shipped to the customer’s specifications for arrival to their distribution centers or direct to the stores.
WASTE WATER IGP has long been an innovator with our waste water treatment ponds. Reclaiming 100% of all the water we use in operations. Our waste water is used to grew hundreds of acres of alfalfa or feed.
LEAN MANUFACTURING Here in IGP we become to be a world class company. We have adopted the philosophy of lean manufacturing in each of our critical processes, in order to provide our clients the security and confidence that they deserve.
FINISHING This area works to apply all paper trim and inspects garments 100% for any repairs that need to be made, seconds that need to be classified, and packing . This area also includes pressing if requested on the paris presses or the conventional hot head steam presses.
DEVELOPMENT AREA Our sample area has a team strictly dedicated to the development of garments working directly with clients on site to develop hundreds of different process for different client per season on many different types and weight of denim, corduroy , jackets, shirts, skirts, shorts, etc… This area is also responsible for running sales samples, pattern check runs, Tops, Photo samples, first of production and works directly with production to hand off new products.
PHYSICAL TESTING LAB Our lab is certified yearly and trained to test most physical testing requirements
CHEMICAL AREA All chemicals used in the garments that are eco-friendly and sensitive to the environment. We have staff trained in the management and timely delivery of the quantities of chemicals required for the process.
OZONE The laundry is set up to reduce shade thru wet or dry ozone process.
LAUNDRY The equipment in this area is all manually controlled to give us the flexibility in running different wash applications at the same time while giving the customers consistency within a normal shade range.
HAND SAND this process includes manual, template , and brushing techniques with different grits of paper or different abrasive tools to enhance the highlighted areas on the garments.
DESTRUCTION This process includes using dremals, templates and other damage techniques to give the garment a naturally worn in appearance.
SPRAY This area offers customers a way to naturally highlight garment aesthetics with reducing agents or color enhancing tints or pigments. This areas also applies formaldehyde free resins for a more permanent effect on the final product.
CHEMICAL BLENDING IGPs effort to reduce cost and enhance our flexibility is highlighted by our chemical blending area. Here we have the flexibility to provide the most current chemicals for processing while keeping a watchful eye on the safety of chemicals and the requirements of the local, federal and state agencies.
STAINING This areas allows us individual staining per unit to give customers a unique and natural product.
3D WHISKERS This manual and machine process assures the garments have a natural wrinkle effect on different areas of the jean.
HAND COLORING In this area the garment undergoes a focused transformation in color and pigmentation only IGP can achieve.