About Us

International Garment Processors. A leader in the denim Finishing Industry, is recognized in the textile and apparel industry as an innovative leader. Well known for its finishing capabilities.

IGP prides itself in giving our customers piece of mind in delivery, a high quality product on time, whether it be a carryover product from Previous seasons, or a sudden quick to market fashion product.

IGP, also provides its employees a competitive work environment, where their skills can be fine tuned to their utmost potential.

We ensure that their work environment is clean, well organized and comfortable, so that they look forward to being part of the IGP team daily.

Our Mission

To meet customer requirements at 110% through carefully thought out plans, to include all innovative processes that will allow up to ship garments on time, every time; With the best quality the industry has to offer.

Our Vision

To continue to lead the industry in innovative finishes from concept, to delivery of the finished garment. Requiring us to train our personnel to understand the vision of the clients products, to achieve the designers and merchants goals for their individual products lines at their final destination; The presentation on the sales floor.

Our commitment to the Environment.

To reuse and reclaim our water so as not to affect the water system or the surrounding environment by maintaining all local, federal and state regulations. To use eco friendly chemical applications that will not harm the environment or the end user.